Academy of Culinary arts Bangalore Blogs_Some seafood on my platter

You can call me a softcore non vegetarian( if there’s a term called so). In other words, I eat non veg only on occasions. I‘d like to share one of the experiences I had while going on a trip to the coastal state of Goa .

Now, Goa is famous for its seafood. So, as we halted to a small restaurant and ordered a non veg platter. We pre assumed it to be prawns or the maximum some exotic fish or something. And the food finally arrived….and left us well, speechless! There was seafood, right, but not in the form we imagined. The platter consisted of prawns and… well frog legs!! Now I just stared at them. By exotic food and sea food I never thought of frog legs, at least. Then someone just told me it was a local delicacy.

There are many professional culinary courses in India which specialises in teaching exotic non vegetarian dishes just like these. One can choose from a full time to part time courses. These courses are specifically designed so that the students get to learn the latest trend and technique in culinary art.

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So, just before signing of this write up ,I’ll like to come back to the frog legs ! Did I eat them ? Nope…as I already told I was a softcore non veg ! Though I did enjoy the prawns. Slurp!