Baking for the win: Building a rewarding career in making sumptuous treats

Amid the pandemic, baking was one of the many sectors that saw a spike as many turned to this — as a hobby and a profession — boosting the market.


As soon as we hear the word ‘baking’, images of cakes, pastries, puffs, biscuits, doughnuts, pop right in front of our eyes and leave our mouths salivating. The credit for this goes to skilled bakers who leave no stone unturned to bring to the table not only aesthetically presented delicacies but sumptuous treats that please our taste buds as well.

Bakery gaining prominence as a profession

Passé are the days when students aimed at pursuing respectable careers such as medical, engineering, law, etc. In modern times, many have been exploring creative growth opportunities as well. They have been keen at trying their hands at various new-age fields and baking tops the list.

The pandemic outbreak further motivated people to acquire new skills and revisit their hobbies. Baking was one such sector that witnessed a spike during this time. People spent their leisure hours whipping, whisking, and baking.

Furthermore, the shift in the consumers’ behaviours and preferences, as well as the changes in their lifestyles have significantly boosted the Indian bakery market. Consequently, even baking has made it to the list of respectable careers in the country.

There was a time, not ages ago when bakery experts had to scout for career options abroad. However, it is now emerging to be a viable career option that is indeed rewarding and satisfying. Wondering how is this possible? Read on and you shall find out.