We get few hundred inquiries every month. We get an equal number of questions also. We have tried to write down some questions and their answers for you so that you are very clear about everything you need to know about us. However, if there it's still any question; do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

About the Academy

We are an international group of Culinary & Pastry schools with the presence in 7 major cities in Asia. The first school opened in Malaysia in 2010 and since then opened centers in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore. All our schools are company owned.

In India, we are present in Gurgaon (Delhi NCR) , Bangalore and Mumbai. Other than this, we have centers in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia & Singapore.

All our centers across Asia are company owned and similar in terms of infrastructure, Faculty, Course Material and Facilities. In fact, the faculties keep getting rotated across three centers. There is absolutely no difference and hence you can study in any center of ours with a complete assurance of quality from us.

Malaysia Government currently does not give visa for such short courses. However, if you can arrange the visa on your own, you are most welcome to study with us in our Malaysia center.

About the Course

We offer specialization in two major discipline of food: Culinary and Patisserie. The courses are Full Time and Part Time. Which course will suit you depends on whether you want to learn to make a career in it or just for the hobby. The full-time course is meant for people who want to work for 5-star hotels, leading restaurants and bakeries or who want to open their own venture. Part -Time is meant for those who want to learn it as a hobby.

We would recommend you Advance Diploma program which is of 1 year. It includes 9 months hands-on training in India center followed by 3 to 6 months of internship. The course is very intense and each student gets enough practice hours. You can choose either our culinary course or pastry/ bakery course.. Students who have just completed class 12th can also take a 3 year program. This 3 year covers both Pastry, Baking & Culinary. In the 3rd year students gets opportunity for the international internships.

You are right. Weekend or Part Time course is meant for people who want to learn it for hobby or for working professionals who do not have time to pursue our Full-Time Course

We follow French cuisines and eggs are used in most of our recipes. Although we have one module of eggless in our Advance diploma program. Chicken is used in very limited recipes and the students are free to learn/ prepare only the vegetarian options.

In BHM, the topic covered ranges from Front Desk, Service, Housekeeping, and Food, etc. So, as such the time spent on training on food is limited and the Hands-On training is further limited. Hence, it is highly recommended for anybody who has made up his/ her mind to get into food/ want to change his stream to undergo our Advance Diploma in Culinary or/ and Pastry. We have many such students who have completed BHM undergoing the course. To name some we have students from IHM Aurangabad, Mumbai , Bangalore , Goa, Kolkata and more

About the Fees

Yes, we do have installment options available. You can contact us for more details.

You can pay by cheque, bank transfer, credit card.

We love competition but the reality is there is no institute in India that we can compare ourselves with. A similar course in France or anywhere in Europe costs anywhere between 20-30 lakhs plus personal expenses. What sets us apart from our Indian counterparts is:

40 Hours per week of training - one of the highest in Asia

95% Hands-on training (which means the cost of ingredients is very high).

National and International chefs plus visiting faculty from our Malaysia Academy.

State of the art infrastructure, you need to see it to believe it.

Learning from the skilled international chefs.

About Training in Singapore

This is a one week intensive course and offered at an attractive fee to our students. We offer the course to our students who finish the Advance Diploma in Pastry and Bakery with us(Travel and accommodation are included).

The students get a chance to interact with international students of various nationalities and compare their skill levels with them. The faculty who teaches are likes of World Pastry Champions and various international award winners, etc

The total cost is Rs 1,50,000 all inclusive. This includes a 6 days hands on master class, flight tickets, accommodation in a luxury 4 star hotel for 7 nights inclusive breakfast, airport transfers, 2 complimentary dinners and one day universal studio pass with lunch.

APCA chef online program are pre-recorded videos, crafted by the world champions, Master chefs and you can access it anywhere and anytime. You will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • • 1 year subscription, Learn any time anywhere
  • • Recapture your entire learning (basic, intermediate and advance)
  • • An after graduate support for your next venture, jobs and ongoing learning.
  • • Closed group for queries and doubts.
  • • Interact with all the APCA international students on one platform.
  • • Certificate from APCA Malaysia

All up, with access to approx. 30 topics by our world-renowned chefs and having the option to watch these videos unlimited times, you can learn and practice at the comfort of your home.

Chef Faculty

All our chef faculty has worked with 5-star hotels like Oberoi, Taj, Novotel, ITC, etc. They all are now working with the academy full time. These chefs have attended numerous Master Classes with World Champions, MOFs and other Master Chefs and have won various national and international competitions.

At this moment, we have 20+ chef faculties. Most of our other chefs were handpicked by hotels for their management trainee program like TMTP, OCLD, ITC School of Management. After working with them for few years, they are now working as Full-Time Faculty in the academy. It is noteworthy that they have won various National and International competitions like Asian Pastry Cup - Singapore, India Pastry Cup 2015, India Pastry Cup 2017, India Pastry Cup 2020, Pastry Queen India, Junior Pastry Cup twice. They have also represented India on various International platforms like World Pastry Cup-France, Junior Pastry World Cup-Italy, and Ladies Pastry Cup- Italy. Our faculty members from Malaysia academy have also won the World Pastry Cup 2019.


We have 4 intakes in a year, starts every 3 months. The details about the next intake are available on our website and various social media channels.

For the Advance Diploma program , a student should be minimum 16 years of age and have basic knowledge of English. There is no maximum age limit. For the UG 3 Year program student must have cleared class 12th from a recognized board.

Absolutely. We expect our students to be raw with no knowledge of food/ baking. We start from the basic and no prior knowledge in food or Baking is required.

Internship and Job Placements

Yes, we have tied up with leading hotels/ bakeries/ Restaurants for the internship. We recommend all students to undergo internship even if they want to open their own venture. Our students also have opportunity to take up internships in France.

Yes, we do assist in jobs. In fact, our students are in high demand since they have undergone hands-on training and can be effective on the day 1 in the kitchen.

Our students have interned/ are working with leading 5-star hotels and leading bakeries Oberoi, Taj, ITC, Leela, Novotel, Holiday Inn, The Fishermen Wharf, Theos, Theobroma, Lâ Opera, La Folie, etc. some of our students have also working abroad . Our students also get opportunity to work with International cruise lines.

The level and salary differ from hotel brand to hotel brand, city to city and many other factors. It also depends on how you fare in your interview and trade test, etc. As a thumb rule, the stand-alone bakery tends to pay more than the hotels but the growth opportunities are higher in the hotels.

About Loans

Most of the banks will be happy to help you in education loan. Please write to us in case you need any help from us.

City & Guilds Examination

We are approved center of City & Guilds UK, so all the certification is given to the student on completion of the course by City & Guilds UK .

C&G is recognized in close to 150 countries and most of the hotels recognize the certificate. Students will find it much easier if they go for the interview in India and abroad. We cover Level 2 & level 3 in Patisserie and Food Preparation, students can also continue to study abroad as once you are registered with City & Guilds your enrollment no. will be same to pursue any other course related to this field.

Currently they charge between Rs 15,500-17,500 + 18% GST for level 2 and around Rs 20,000 + 18% GST for level 3. The fee is subject to revision by the C&G authorities

We are also affiliated with THSC (Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council) which is government recognized body and we conduct examinations for the same.

It is not mandatory to appear for the C& exam. However, it is strongly recommended since the benefits are unparalleled.

Yes, you can appear for the exam within 3 years of time after the completion of the course. However, you will have to pay the fees every time you decide to appear for the exam.


There are many institutes in India offering such courses. However, before you finalize, check out the following to compare: Number of hours: - We teach 40 Hours a week (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm) The teaching is almost 90% Hands-On - every student has to make their own product. All chef faculties have worked for leading hotel brands and are now working full time with the academy. APCA is an International Brand Name with 10 years of experience . Students get Two Weeks training in our Malaysia Academy after completing Advance Diploma in Pastry these Special classes are by our Master Chefs from Malaysia

We have an exclusive tie-up with hostels. They have been personally checked by our staff and we can confirm they are safe, hygienic and reasonable. Most of our outstation students stay there.

All the products are divided equally between the class and students are allowed to take them home. We want you to spread your happiness among your parents, friends, neighbors, relatives and anybody who is happy with your progress. We also encourage our students to share their products with under privileged kids as well.

We have the highest number of visiting Master Chef of the level of World Champion, MOF, Master Chocolatiers, etc. These classes are meant for the industry professionals. However, we do offer special discounts to our existing students and alumni.

We do understand there are reasons when you will have to miss your classes. But just to be fair to you, we will replace those classes if there are any medical issues or demise in the immediate family (upon the submission of the supporting documents). In case of Part-Time, You get two chances to cover up your classes and it has to be availed within six months.

Yes, break is given around major festivals of India basis the region of that center.