The moment we hear ‘chocolate’, our eyes light up and there is a bright smile on our faces. The main ingredient of this magic food item is cocoa which has now become one of the most beloved and staple ingredients that chefs and bakers in baking courses at APCA India.

Baking and preparing cocoa products

Preparing with cocoa and chocolate is an art as well as a science and requires practice along with patience. The end product whether it is the cake, ganache, chocolate-dipped strawberries, pastries, puddings, etc. is worth the time and efforts.

Cocoa powder is one of the easily available and easy to use where we just need to sift it seamlessly. To be able to use it the right way, you need to have knowledge about what the product really is and the ideal way to store it as well as use it.

Tips while making cocoa-based products

Always use quality cocoa powder to make sure the end result is rewarding and sumptuous. Opt for a brand that is renowned and that is easily available.
Use the right quantity

You also need to take care of the amount you are using. A few spoons of cocoa powder can transform the dish and add a burst of flavor to the dish.
Storing and using cocoa powder

You should store the cocoa powder in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. In the case of beverages, add a small quantity of the same into the cocoa powder. Now, blend this mixture well so that there are no lumps and then add the rest of the liquid. It is always safe to use cocoa powder instead of chopping a chocolate bar and melting it into the batter. First of all, this would be a tedious process and secondly, the end result might not be appealing. Use cocoa powder instead and your dish will have a rich and intense chocolaty and creamy taste along with a velvety texture.

Using the right variant

There are different varieties of cocoa powder. Use the one as per your requirement and the dish that you are creating. For instance, the dark variant would be appropriate for combining with berries or the sweetness of caramel. Whereas with milk-heavy desserts and those comprising spices, sweet cocoa powder would be needed.

The right equipment

You would also need the right set of equipment to work with cocoa powder. Measuring spoon and cup, temperature probe, spatula, piping bags, etc. are must-haves. Silicon moulds and tools along with ladle and brushes would also come in handy.

Coconut oil: The perfect companion

Coconut oil is the ideal companion while working with cocoa powder. Whenever you feel the batter has gotten too thick, a few drops would be sufficient to thin out the mixture.

Cocoa powder: The magic ingredient

Cocoa powder is a versatile ingredient. Whether you are baking cakes, pastries, brownies, cookies, or whipping ice cream, fudge, buttercream, etc.; cocoa is now the hero ingredient. Choose the variety as per the dish that you are preparing and use just the right amount along with following the right recipe so that your dessert turns out to be toothsome and mouth watery.