Experience Ace Culinary & Baking At APCA Bangalore

APCA Bangalore, a leading baking and culinary institute in Bangalore, offers hands-on courses that transform beginners into skilled craftspersons. With a curriculum spanning 1440 hours, students delve into a world of gastronomy, embracing both traditional techniques and scientific reasoning.

Our state-of-the-art academy, spanning 21,000 sq ft in Sarjapur, Bangalore, includes 10 kitchens, a students' lounge, a team cafe, a store room, and an oven room, providing a top-notch learning environment.

Since its inception in January 2017, APCA has garnered Indian and international accolades, setting new standards in culinary education with visionary leadership and a team of 35 impaneled master chefs, including over a dozen Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) recipients.

Student at the balcony photo

Fun is not left behind, with a plethora of monthly activities, from movies to celebrating cultural and sporting events, fostering all-around growth and development in addition to pastry and culinary arts.

Rewards & Recognition:

APCA frequently receives media attention for its achievements and innovative approach to culinary education, with success stories featured in both local and international media.

  • 2023: Continued success with another victory at the India Pastry Cup in Bangalore
  • 2022: Stood 5th at Mondial Des Arts Sucrés and awarded Best Originality at France
  • 2022: Recognition at Asia Pastry Cup for Most Promising Talent and Best Team Spirit
  • 2019: Winners of World Pastry Cup, Lyon 2019
  • 2019: Noteworthy representation at World Cup of Pastry & India Pastry Cup
  • 2018: Multiple representations at global events and victories at India Pastry Queen
  • Gold Medal in Junior India Pastry Cup, 2018
  • 2017: Represented India at the World Pastry Cup & won Callebaut Patissier of the Year
  • 2017: Gold Medal for Pastry Queen India
  • 2017: Gold Medal In India Pastry Cup
  • 2017: Represented India In Junior World Pastry Cup In Italy
  • 2016: Bronze Medal for India in Asia Pastry Cup in Singapore
  • 2016: Winner of Junior India Pastry Cup
  • 2015: Gold Medal In India Pastry Cup

Looking ahead, APCA Bangalore aims to further elevate the culinary education landscape by expanding its offerings, collaborating with renowned chefs, and fostering a culture of excellence in the culinary arts. The institute continues to lead the way in culinary education and innovation, solidifying its position as a premier baking and culinary institute in Bangalore.



  • Full Time Pastry & Bakery
  • 27th May 2024
  • Full Time Culinary
  • 27th May 2024
  • Part Time Pastry & Bakery
  • 1st June 2024
  • Part Time Culinary
  • 25th May 2024
  • Bachelor's Degree In Tourism Studies, Specialization in pastry & Culinary Arts
  • 19th August 2024